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Ich werd hier nach und nach alles reinschreiben, was sich bei mir über die Jahre auf meinem Block angesammelt hat ^^

Falls jemand
a) keine Depressive Stimmung verträgt oder
b) nichts mit schwarzem Humor anfangen kann,
nicht weiterlesen *g*


On the search I am
For pieces
Of madness
To feed my own
And make it grow

Seeping through my mind
Luring me
Comforting me
Insanity tastes
Like an ancient sweet
Comes and goes
No visible trace
But always there for you

Additive – it is
Breaking realities’ chains – it is
Sweet like the forbidden fruit – it is
Freeing your mind, imaginations’ best friend – indeed it is

Life’s much easier
When you’re out of your mind

Open the door
To the night
Invite your nightmares
To Halloween Town
For tea at Jacks’
From skullen cups
Of purple blood
And Oogies’ snake-and-spider stew

In this town
My mind calls home
All hail
To the Pumpkin Song!

Any way, every way

Any way
every way
i look at it
doesn't change
the truth

all the dreams
i bear in my heart
all the hopes
that thrive in me
burrowed in
never rising
to the sun again
lost in an ancient sorrow
for my eternity

and everything i do
and say
and hear
seems like for naught
torn apart
by everydays' menace
ripped to shreads
and blown away
by the wind
still burning
from the acid
drippling from the
abyssmal wound
that broke my soul
to pieces

stones of fortuna
hit you just
when you thought
she gave you something nice ...
and for every good thing
you live to see
even greater misery
will be your reward ...

only love holds me
(for more than one person)
(though she’s the most precious of all)
but there's also
more than thousand cuts
in my heart
that make me wanna go ...

i wish i could live the night
bury myself in darkness
and kill my pain
in ruby sweetness
loosing daylight forever
but gaining the silver glow
of moon and stars
for eternity


anything inside your head
is just relative reality
you are the one absolute
you are all alone
you are with whoever you want
your dreams are crushed to pieces
you crush reality
society makes you behave like "normal"
sweet madness thrives

A Life's Soundtrack

bloody red lyrics
a lifes' soundtrack
one winged angel
a cruel angels thesis
the black collar song
hedgehogs dilemma

my head in the clouds
my feet bare
walking on earth
on shards of glass
from my bleeding heart ...

madness sweet like ancient honey
freedom only inside your own head
spending your life there
as the one outside
hurts too much ...

run away
and your heart will shatter
and you will break apart ...


Living in the Sky
not caring about Earth
everything just passes by
by a heart far away
dreaming the night
at daylight

past and future? don't care
present? neither
lost in my dreamscape
not willing to return

don't bother with reality
day to day
and month to month
I make my days
but don't remember
`cuz all hope
is bound to dreamscape

is how I cope
with loneliness
longing for someone
my crying


don't know
if I'm weak
or strong

don't know
whether i should die
or live on

don't know
if I'm foolish
or wise at heart

don't know
whether i can stay sane
or 'd rather embrace
the demons in my head

don't know
if my my heart will turn to stone
or shatter

don't know
whether I long more
for love
or indifference
and peace of heart

don't know
if i can keep
my precious childish dreams
or should
or if I'd better
drop 'em all
and turn grey...

all I know is ...
you can die - and keep on walking
know to love - with a heart long brokin'
tell what you feel - with no word spokin'

stay yourself
against all oppressions
stand to what you are
and what you want to be !!


Niemand sah
Je wie ich bin
Nur eine
Von fünf Masken
Die ich trage

Eine für die Arbeit
Eine für die Eltern
Eine für die Schule
Eine selbst für meine Freunde
Und eine für mich selbst

Kann nicht schreien
Denn sie macht stumm
Kann nicht weinen
Denn sie verhüllt mein Herz
Kann kaum atmen
Denn sie schnürt mir die Luft ab

Wir tragen Masken
Jeden Tag
Das ganze Leben
Doch nie sieht ein Mensch
Je einen anderen
So wie er ist
Kann es nicht
Und darf es nicht

Nichts geht näher
Als die blanke Wahrheit
In der man sein eigenes Spiegelbild
Sehen kann


Noone ever saw
Me like I am
Just one mask
Of five
That I am wearing

One for work
One for my parents
One for school
One even for my friends
And one for myself

Cannot scream
Because it mutes me
Cannot cry
Because it shields my heart
Can barely breathe
Because it entangles my throat

Masks we wear
Every day
And all life long
No human ever saw
Another one
Like he is
And just his mask
Can not
Must not

Nothing touches more
Than clearest truth
Resembling yourself

Stille Wünsche

stille wünsche
große träume
nachts geboren
schweigend treibend
unterm monde
silbern flackernd

auch am tage nacht
in dunkelheit geborgen
fernab der finsternis
ein schwarzes licht
hoffnung tragend
im ewiggleichen grau

ferne wünsche
sternen gleich
im sanften schwarz
der himmel

Tears in the Sky

they say
when it's raining,
it's the childrens' tears
that pour down on earth.
does that mean
that if the sun shines
they are all happy?
or have just
all the tears
been shed?

Love for Rain

when the rain
is falling
from the sky
into my heart
the pain away
the salt of frozen tears
the shards from my heart
that's slowly healing now
the dark thoughts that sometimes crawl
into my mind

that pouring waters'
tranquilizing song
mending everydays' scratches
on my soul
letting me dream
of what is
and what could be ...

Tears of Ice

sometimes i feel
like i already cried
all my tears
and even if my heart's
going to turn
into the sea of uncried tears
they don't seem to reach my eyes
any more ...

even if i burrow
my sorrow deep
inside myself
it still keeps hurting ...

even if i shut
the window
to my heart
i still get hurt
by the pain and fears
burrowed inside ...

and in my field of frozen flowers
and gray clouds of tragedy
i silently cry inside myself for hours
and watch my future
turn away from me ...

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